PreRegistration is closed for the year
Registration Hours
Pre-reg pickup ONLY




*Or until there is no line
*After hours pickup will be in Con Ops (check your local program guide for location)
At Con Prices
6 and under: Free!!!
Pre-registration is now closed

Let's go to the Q&A portion now

Q: Thursday night pickup, are you mad?
A: Probably, but we're still doing it. If you pre-registered and want to pick up your badge on Thursday night, we're there for that. If you haven't registered, you'll have to wait for Friday.

Q: I haven't pre-registered, can I register on site?
A: Of course you can, just not on Thursday.

Q: I pre-registered but never got anything in the mail or email. what now?
A: We don't mail badges, and unless you gave us an email address, we don't send emails. If you registered online, your PayPal or e-check receipt is your conformation. If you registered at our table at another convention and didn't get an email, it's possible we couldn't read the address you gave, you didn't give an address, or the email system was on the fritz that day (doesn't happen that often, but it has once or twice)

Q: What do I need to bring with if I pre-registered
A: You need to bring photo ID. That's a sticking point, since we can't be sure you're you unless someone else says you are.

Q: I'm going to be arriving really late on Friday, can I still pick up my badge?
A: Yes. If the reg booth has closed for the night, you can visit the staff room. There will be someone there to help you.

Q: I don't have a photo ID, but I preregsitered. what do I do?
A: Did you register with an adult or someone who does have photo ID? Do you have a school ID? Otherwise, you can send an email and we'll arrange an alternate form of proving you are who you say you are.

Q: What kinds of payment do you accept at the convention?
A: We accept Cash, and Credit/Debit cards.

Q: How much is my child's badge?
A: It's $20 per child for the weekend with a paying adult, ages 6-12 fall into this range, 5 and under are free.

Q: Will you watch my child?
A: NO, We are not a daycare, adults need to watch their child(ren). In addition, there needs to be 1 adult per 3 children, any more and you need a second person over 18 to watch after them.

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