Kon.Quest has 36 challenges - 6 challenges at each of 6 different stations. The stations are...


  • FIGHTERS' GUILD: At the Fighter's Guild, you and your teammates play against our tablemaster in a fast-paced combat-themed card game. Victory will require quick thinking, clever planning, and good teamwork.
  • WATER TEMPLE: Like its namesakes in the Legend of Zelda series, our Water Temple is filled with diabolical puzzles for you to solve. Expect a mixture of logic, word, and spatial puzzles here.
  • OSAKA HIGH SCHOOL ART AND DRAMA CLUB: Here at Osaka High, your team will try to earn loot cards using your roleplaying, artistic, and other creative talents. Think silly party games mixed with improv comedy.
  • TRIVIA CHALLENGE: The favorite station of many of our players, our Trivia Challenge is an opportunity to show off the depths of your geek knowledge! With your team, you'll be answering questions as well as assigning point values to them, so don't worry if your group has some trivia blind spots.
  • CANTINA: At the Cantina you can play several little minigames blending chance and strategy. No need to know any rules beforehand, we'll teach you everything you need to know!
  • KON.MONSTERS: Kon.Quest even boasts its own collectible card game, Kon.Monsters! With "fearsome" monsters like Butterfrieza, Dalekazam, and Thorlax, compete to prove that you're the very best, like nobody previously has been. Kon.Monster cards are high-quality cards and printed in color - true collectibles. Like everything else in Kon.Quest, they're earned, not purchased.

Hope to see you at the Kon!

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