Cardboard vs. Geek Kon X

The City Crusher charity event is back for its sequel. This year help Geek Kon build a model cardboard city to allow some lucky attendees to rampage through and crush underfoot. City Crusher is your chance to live out your kaiju monster or giant robot dreams. Come in and help us build the city in the hours before the event. Spectators are encouraged and if you want to bring your own cardboard building to add to the wreckage you can.

We will have a live auction on Sunday morning in the last ½ hour of the event to determine who gets first crack at the model city with in a time limit. Then we do it again till we run out of time or buildings whichever comes first. Groups up to 4 will be allowed. All donations will go to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Crusher Information:

  • You must sign a waiver before you can participate.
  • If you are under 18 an adult or legal guardian must sign for you.
  • Safety rules must be explained before participation.

Building Information:

  • All buildings need to be approved by staff for safety.
  • Only use cardboard, paper, tape, and glue to construct the buildings.
  • Nothing sharp, hard or that could cause bodily injuries in or on the buildings.
  • Decorate your buildings with paint, paper, markers, crayons, and/or stickers however you want, but nothing inappropriate or offensive.
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