Geek kon is looking for art work for our charity bucket battle this year. The theme of this battle is cat apocalypse an Apawcalypse if you will. We need to know what the Apawcalypse will look like so we need artist to submit art work of what their vision of it will be. The final art will be selected by convention staff and featured in the bucket battles at this year's Geek Kon. The artist(s) will also be awarded a fantastic prize to be announced that will be picked up at our staff room.
  1. The art work needs to be cat themed apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic. Here are some examples of things we are looking for: (Although other ideas are welcome as long as they are within the theme)
  2. Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work to this competition you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.
  3. Art work needs to fit on an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper.
  4. Any still media is allowed as long as it fit the size restrictions.
  5. Geek Kon is a family convention so art work must be family appropriate. Geek kon staff has final say on what is appropriate to display at Geek Kon.
  6. Artists retain copyright of their material.
  7. By entering this art competition, you grant Geek Kon a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork for the contest and charity event.
  8. All art work must be submitted by email to before Tuesday August 15, 2017.
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