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Do You Remember Macross?Transforming mechas, singing idols and inter galactic warfare. Whether you know it as Macross or Robotech, this series represents a milestone in anime history. Join Nick Izumi and Arcemise as they a trip back to the first days of Miss Lynn Minmay and venture forth into the future of Macross Frontier.
Fate/StayHave you ever wanted to pit King Arthur against Hercules? How about Cu Chuliann against Gilgamesh? What if all these epic heroes were given a second chance to face each other in a battle royale for the ultimate prize: The Holy Grail. Enter the world of Fate/Stay Night where epic heroes act as Servants to their magus Masters in their quest to win the Holy Grail War.
How to make a boffer weaponShow how to construct the a basic boffer fighting weapon.
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