Do you love fanfiction as much as we do? Of course you do! So come show off your writing skills at the fifth annual Geek.Kon fanfiction contest! We had a lot of great entries last year and our panel of avid fanfiction readers and writers are anxious to read even more in 2017. Join us for the Geek.Kon 2017 fanfiction contest!

Please submit your entry electronically, by filling out the online contest entry form and providing us with a link to download your work.

By submitting an entry to the fanfiction contest, you grant permission for your story to be read aloud at the awards panel, distributed to panel attendees, and displayed on the Geek.Kon website.

  1. All entries must be received IN ADVANCE by midnight on August 7th, 2017. No entries will be accepted after this date.
  2. Each author is limited to one contest entry.
  3. Your entry must be your own work. We will not accept stories with multiple authors.
  4. Your entry must be a work of fanfiction based on a geek-related fandom source (science fiction, fantasy, video game, anime/manga, etc.). Crossovers are acceptable and encouraged as long as all sources fall within appropriate fandoms. If you have questions about whether or not a source meets our criteria, please e-mail
  5. Your entry must not exceed a PG-13 rating. This means no vulgar language, extreme violence, or explicit sexual content. If you include this content, your work will be disqualified. If you have questions about your content, please email
  6. Entries must be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 5000 words in length. Entries not meeting the minimum number of words or exceeding the maximum number of words will be disqualified.
  7. Your entry must be written in English. Please keep non-English terms and phrases to a minimum.
  8. Only stories written within the past year will be accepted. You don't have to write a brand-new story for this contest (although we encourage it) but if your entry was posted anywhere on the Internet prior to August 29th, 2016 it will not be accepted.
  9. Your entry must be a complete story that stands on its own. This means that someone who is familiar with the fandom should be able to read your story and understand it without previous knowledge of your works/writing.
  10. At a minimum, please spell-check and grammar-check your entry before submitting it.
  11. Contestants must be registered for Geek.Kon 2017. After the entry period ends the contest coordinator will verify that all contestants are registered.

Entries will be read and judged by our pre-selected panel of judges prior to the convention. Judging criteria include:

  • Quality: The quality of the writing is important for any story. Our judging criteria covers everything from making sure sentences start with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark to word choice and clarity.
  • Faithfulness & Accessibility: In fanfiction is important to stay faithful to the core of the character(s) or world(s) that you are writing about while also making your story understandable to readers who might not be intimately familiar with the source material. This means that if a reader doesn't know anything about Digimon, they should still be able to follow the plot of your story. It also means that if you choose to write an Alternate Universe story, readers should still be able to pick out the core traits of the characters, even in a different setting.
  • Enjoyment: Even the most technically well-written and faithful stories in the world can sometimes lack that spark that makes a story one that a reader will want to reread a number of times. While we as judges try to remain as objective as possible, there will be times when two stories have equal merits based on the two categories above. In these cases judges might rank the story that they enjoyed reading more just a little bit higher.

Awards will be given for first, second, and third place entries. The winners will be announced and awarded at a special panel during the convention. Winning stories will be read aloud. We ask that all entrants make every effort to attend the panel so that we can give you your awards.

All winning entries will be assembled into a PDF file, which will be posted to the Geek.Kon website after the convention. We will also post a file containing the complete set of eligible entries.

Inquiries, questions, or submissions, please e-mail:

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