Since it's inception, Geek.Kon has had numerous events, ranging from panels to concerts, boffer to autograph sessions with guests...Geek.Kon has it all. Each year we try harder and harder to bring newer, bigger and fresher events to all our programming rooms.

This year our Boffer Room will be in The Geek Dome. With hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there should be plenty of time to beat people up.

Don your writer's cap and enter our Fanfiction Contest. Just make sure you get your entry in before July 31st.

Choose your class and join the fray in Kon.Quest. Play challenges to collect cards that give you advantages in the challenges or trade in sets for collectible cards.

Geek out and get it on video to enter our Geek Music Video Contest. The deadline has been extended until August 15th so you still have time so get cracking!

Have a geeky topic that is near and dear to your heart? We probably have a Panel on it. If you think we might not then submit it and if you're accepted you could run it yourself! Just get your ideas in before June 30th.

City Crusher is back! Help build the city or bid for a turn smashing it.

Do the Time Warp with Brad, Janet, and Doctor Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live cast from Velvet Darkness.

Three separate Viewing Rooms playing geek cinema non-stop from noon on Friday until the convention closes on Sunday for a total of about one hundred and fifty hours for your viewing pleasure.

Watch your favorite characters battle for supremacy in Cosplay Combat Chess or take part in the battle yourself.

Thread your way through the second incarnation of Geek Kon's exclusive Friday Night at Freddie's themed Spooktacular Maze. This year the event will start with an early session for less adventurous fans to go through with the lights on.

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