Fandlemonium is the original source for fandom-based candles. Our candles are made with natural soy wax to provide a long-lasting, clean-burning experience.

The scents and colors used in our character-based candles are meant to represent our interpretation of their characteristics or other aspects associated with them.

We have Japanese dolls and doll accessories, Japanese collectibles, geek jewelry and hair accessories, and Asian pop culture fashion items.

1C Hell on Wheels Travelling Hobby Shop

We sell vintage and media jewelry, Pocky, kimonos, oriental robes & dresses.

Our philosophy is simple. Sometimes, you just need to turn off the electronics, gather around the table with family or friends, and have some together time. We've boiled it down to three simple words:


At I'm Board!, we take fun seriously. We are a local board and card game store located in the heart of Middleton, Wisconsin. We carry hundreds of games and puzzles, everything from the classics to the latest and greatest. Our selection includes educational games, family games, traditional games, card games, historical games, roleplaying games, collectible games, miniatures games, outdoor games, puzzles and so much more.

Don't be surprised if you feel a bit overwhelmed at our selection. But fear not, our crack staff will help you find the perfect item for you and your fellow players!

But we are much more than just a place to buy stuff. We celebrate the social aspect of coming together and enjoying the company of good friends. Our in-store Game Center is free for all to use. Sit down, pull a game from our game library, and get playing. We also feature demos, tournaments and other events in our game center, so you'll always find plenty of ways to have fun.

Come join us at I'm Board! - you'll never be bored again!

1E Full Moon Farm Crafts

Handmade glass, crystal and chain maille jewelry, ruffled scarves, dish cloths, wine bottle candles, essential oil soap, & leather medicine bags

Established in 2004, Best Anime Shop has been a purveyor of anime and pop-culture items for over 12 years! We always have a wide selection, great prices, and friendly staff!

Westfield Comics is a family friendly comic book store in Madison with two locations. We not only offer Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics but are also proud to offer Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, and Boom! Studios, as well as most of the other small press publishers.

Seven Stars offers a variety of unique and fun chainmaille jewelry and accessories; everything from the intricate and delicate to the bright and fun! I put a lot of love into everything I make and I hope you find something here that makes you smile!

Makers of Management Material, Marriage Material and Heebie Jeebies

Eagle Anime is a Minnesota-based retailer that specializes in anime and pop culture merchandise! We take pride in selling only officially licensed products and providing the best service to all of our customers!

Your spot for hot geek chic! We have buttons and t-shirts for your body to scream, "I'm awesome!!". We have artwork so your walls can scream, "I'm awesome!!". We have comics so funny that your mind will be blown and all you'll be able to do is stand, frozen, in a puddle of drool, eyes wide, muttering, "This is awesome…". Please stop by, say hi, and maybe get an on the spot caricature!

We provide custom laser engraved glassware, wood, marble, acrylic, leather and other items with a gaming related theme.

Japanese Imports, original wig line, Japanese character goods, collectible figures. wallets, cosplay accessories, cups, plush, wall scrolls, and more.

Pegasus Games is Madison's original game store having first opened their doors August 30th, 1980. A long time supporter of tabletop gaming at Geek Kon they have loads of board and card games for sale.

Offering unique handmade leather accessories, Fully custom steampunk goggles with hundreds of different customization options. Flow Toys including custom colored Toroflux. Visual kei, Gothic, and Steampunk clothing. Pieces for Renfair, comic, anime etc. All designs are carefully and precisely crafted to be one of a kind with a warranty on most items. Wares include Flow toys, Bracers, wristbands, cuffs, collars, belts, earrings, necklaces of EVERY fandom, armor, leather books, Grimoires, Custom clothing and just general geekery among all fandoms! If you have an idea in mind just ask! I can make or modify just about anything in various colors, sizes, styles etc to make it personalized to your exact specs!

At Elysium Armory we hand-craft and sell a variety of leather goods tailoring to many varieties of cosplay, LARP, and reenactment styles.

Madison's very own otaku and geeky toy store! We're on 360 Junction Rd, come check us out!

Fast Food Anime offers a wide selection of Japanese and domestically-released DVDs, blu-ray, manga, CDs, video games and systems, figures, plushies, other character goods, and Japanese snacks (like Pocky and ramune).

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, we take pride in bringing convention-goers authentic kimono and accessories, direct from Japan. While other kimono vendors charge per piece for every kimono garment, we are the only kimono vendor in the country that charges flat prices for Kimono+Obi sets, with sets starting at only $30! This means our customers can walk away with a complete, wearable outfit for a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors. We also import kawaii accessories and cultural items to compliment our kimono selection!

We are a very laid-back, happy group of people here at Tangerine Mountain, and we are willing to go above and beyond to make sure our customers have an "ii kimochi" experience at our booths! So be sure to stop by!

Convention swag for the discriminating attendee. Stop by the Geek Kon booth to pick up a premium badge holder, water bottle, t-shirt, some Geek Kon glassware, and other great stuff!

Chainmaille inspired jewelry and fashions for both her and for him.

Digital illustrations on a wide variety of materials. Poster prints from 3"x4" to 24"x36"s some printed with prism crystals, buttons/pins, acrylic and PVC charms, blank and filled sketchbooks, dakimakura/body pillows, original and fanart zines, small pouch bags, underwear, jogger/drop crotch pants, and unique multimedia commissions.

Prints, sketch cards, buttons, and commissions of fantasy and video game related art.

Surreal Dreamscapes

All original paintings done with spraypaint. Fantasy, spaceships, star-scapes & abstracts. No prints here!

Anime with an edge!

Print editions of my webcomics UnCONventional and The Chronicles of Crosarth, and original art prints.

Prints, stickers, buttons, handmade books, plush, dice bags, custom badges, and on-site commissions.

Hand painted crafts such as magnets, canvas paintings, and dice boxes.

Fleece hats, plushies, and other cute stuff.

Illustrative artwork created by Kelly Main available as prints, stickers, buttons, and more!

Jess Ange and Brittany Smith are two freelance artists/illustrators based in Wisconsin.

Plushies, wings, art dolls, resin cast masks and horns, cosplay props, and buttons.

Pillows, Prints, and Accessories

Internationally recognized screenprint artist and illustrator. Has had work in Hero Complex Gallery, LA - Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn -, Austin TX - Odd City Entertainment/MGM studios, Austin TX as well as self published comic book series "rise of the mutant underground" and numerous freelance gigs. Located in Eau Claire, WI

Echo Jewelry + Gifts owner/artist Caroline Francis creates handmade, unique jewelry and gifty treasures inspired by her favorite fandoms and all things geek! Stop by the table to see items inspired by Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly/Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, up-cycled comic books and gaming pieces, dice and much more.

Jess Kellogg sells you cute and colorful art on prints, buttons, charms, and more!

Surreal and Psychedelic Phantasms

IcyPanther's Art Shop specializes in all things cute! IcyPanther draws adorable characters in her unique chibi style and offers them on a variety of merchandise including buttons, bags, bookmarks and more! She also dabbles in polymer clay and makes charms and miniatures! Come by and say hi!

A small group of artsy geeks who travel the midwest selling their wares at various conventions. We specialize in buttons, posters, charms, stickers and merriment~ We love what we do and adore the wonderful people we meet at cons. We hope to see you too someday!

Plush rectangular sheep and rams, small personal props, and digital and traditional artwork.

11"x17" Fanart and Original Character Prints.

Along with work promoting their two webcomics: Parking Gulls and Shamshir>>AWAKEN, Bal provides a series of original and fanart prints, buttons, commissions, and more in a unique style that blends comic art, design, and typography.

Cosplay ears, geeky buttons, etched glass, arm warmers, & other wearables.

Colorful and energetic art of some of your favorite anime and cartoons! We sell prints, stickers, charms and personal commissions!

7H A Touch of Color by Jenny & Ice Fox Studios

Perler Sprites & Planters, Art Prints, Painted Shelves, & Painted Signs.

Nerd By Design features products made by a nerd for nerds! Stop by for posters, prints, t-shirts, stickers, and other wearable items designed and illustrated by L. Figueroa. Nerd bots have more fun!

Looking for anime inspired merchandise such as key chains, bags, clothing, laser engraved, wood burned items and even soap!? Well Look no further! Come to Chaos Fox's and Custom Processing Inlimited's table. You'll be sure to make one chaotic purchase!

RPG Merchandise (Books, Dice, etc.)

Stephen Raffill is an professional illustrator, and sells high quality prints and posters of his anime, videogame and pop culture-inspired artwork at conventions across the country.

Hand Made Leather Masks, Armor, and Accessories. Complete your costume or find inspiration for a new one! I specialize in quality, affordable masks and armor that fit a wide variety of events, from cosplay to LARP. Perfect for masked balls or saving your city. Stop by to upgrade your cosplay before the masquerade!

Flames Rising is the online home of Matt McElroy and Monica Valentinelli, two veteran Geek Kon Guests of Honor, and an online resource for fans of Horror and Dark Fantasy entertainment. This horror fanzine offers reviews of Games, Fiction, Movies, and more ranging from Top-Selling authors to the coolest Small Press and "indie" publishers. The popular Interviews at Flames Rising include Horror authors, artists, and other creators of dark entertainment. Stay tuned to the Flames Rising news feed for the latest news on upcoming products, genre conventions, and industry developments.

Original Manga inspired graphic novel series & 3D printed sculptures by Geek Kon Guest of Honor Peter Liethen.

John Jackson Miller is one if this year's Guests of Honor and a New York Times bestselling author, having written several Star Wars novels from Random House/Del Rey including Star Wars: A New Dawn, the first work created in conjunction with the new Lucasfilm Story Group. My bestseller Star Wars: Kenobi won the 2014 Scribe Award for Best Original Tie-In Novel - Speculative Fiction. I also Star Wars: Knight Errant, Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith, as well as twenty graphic novels, including ten Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic volumes. Originally published by Dark Horse, they're now in re-release from Marvel.

SewnTogetherReflections is a shop created by Briana Lawrence (Brichibi Cosplays) and Jessica Walsh (Snow Cosplays), two of this year's Guests of Honor. Together, the two create all sorts of fun crafts and also sell their published works. These published works offer a wide variety of fiction, including urban fantasy, horror, and LGBT romance. The two also promote a message of positivity when it comes to cosplay, and work to spread the message of cosplay being for everyone.

Mark Stegbauer is one of this year's Guests of Honor and a 20+ year veteran of comics. Mark has inked numerous titles for companies like Marvel, DC, and Image. His work has been on titles like Nova, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, The Flash, JLA, Steel, and The Badger.

Ineffective Carnivore brings prints, posters, stickers and something called "Dormchildren".

*Table occupied by one or more of Geek Kon's guests of honor.
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