Grab your glowsticks, leg fluffies, and neon because once again this year's Mixer is brought to you by the Team at X-Geek Media! With over 20 combined years of experience in dance and rave promotion and planning this year's Mixer will feature multiple DJs, amazing lighting, and a fantastic video show to help you dance the night away!

So you wanna spin at Geek Kon? Think you have what it takes to help rock this show into the stars? Here's what it's going to take! X-Geek Media is once again hosting this year's dance. Their staff has over 20 years combined experience in con dance planning and promotion and is headed by staff DJ: Jason "Liquid86" Bruner. We are looking for 3 DJs. Geek Kon is seeking a high energy club atmosphere for their dance this year and the guidelines are as follows:

  • We will be holding an open audition process.
  • You will need to assemble a 30 minute "Essential Mix" in the style you are seeking to play for Geek Kon and submit a link to us by July 31st.
  • Links can be from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or via a file sharing site such as Dropbox. Be advised: if we cannot access your link or mix when we receive your email it may not get reviewed.
  • Submission Links should be E-MAILED to
  • Submissions should either be a live mix recording from a show, or a raw demo: Do NOT edit, modify, master, or otherwise make any post alterations in any way. We can tell if you do and you will be disqualified.
  • Profanity is OK, but keep it reasonable.
  • We have no set "quotas" for a specific style. While it is highly unlikely we will have a 5 hour dubstep, electro house, or hardstyle show we do need to recognize the broader appeal of certain genres over others.
  • Submissions will be chosen primarily on mass appeal and technical execution.
  • We reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason.
  • Please do not contact Geek Kon or X-Geek in regards to your submission after you have submitted it. We will email you a confirmation it was received within 1 week of receiving it.
  • Submission Email should include a one paragraph bio, head shot or logo, contact info, any social media links, links to your Mixcloud or Soundcloud, and the gear you intend to use.
  • DJs will have an opportunity on Friday and Saturday to perform from the X-Geek booth. Those interested should indicate so in their email.

Should you be CHOSEN to DJ for us we expect the following (if you're not willing to abide by these rules, please do not submit a demo):

  • DJs will be chosen by August 7th.
  • DJs are expected to find their own lodging and transportation to Geek Kon, though food during the dance and a badge for the weekend will be granted.
  • Show will be properly formatted based on style and appeal. More mainstream sets will stand a better chance of going earlier in the night.
  • DJs are expected to be able to mix live utilizing their own gear or another present DJ's gear. You will not be allowed to play a prerecorded set for the actual dance. If you intend to use another DJ's gear this must be agreed upon ahead of time by both DJs. Do not assume this is OK.
  • DJs who show up to the dance severely under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to perform. You are expected to be able to function, perform and be professional. Violation may result in confiscation of your badge and removal from the con.
  • While we understand that there can be changes in music and taste if you perform a set that is drastically different from what you submit to us your set may be cut short.
  • Geek Kon will not provide any equipment for you other than an audio connection and power.
  • We reserve the right to ban specific tracks or remixes from your sets (though this is unlikely).
  • You will be expected to work alongside a Light Jockey, a Video Jockey, and go-go dancers on stage. Photographers and Videographers may also work in close proximity to you, and you must agree to allow Geek Kon and X-Geek Media to use your photo or likeness in any future promotions.
  • You will be expected to attend a brief dance orientation on Saturday morning, and be present for setup and tear down before and after the dance.
  • There will be a designated MC although DJs will be granted the opportunity to thank the crowd and say a few words after their sets.
  • Any instructions from the Geek Kon tech staff, hotel staff, or dance crew must be followed explicitly and without hesitation.
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