Fanart Contest
Fanart Contest
Geek.Kon is pleased to announce our very first fanart contest!
  1. The first place winner will receive their choice of either a 2011 artist alley table complete with the accompanying artist alley badge or two 2011 full weekend attendee badges. If the winner of the contest has already purchased an artist alley table or attendee badge/s, a reimbursement will be available. If you desire an artist alley table you should purchase it as early as possible as we cannot guarantee that there will be tables left after the contest ends if you do not win one.
  2. The first place winning submission will be featured prominently in the program book and the artist will be recognized as the winner in the book as well as at opening ceremonies.
  3. The second place winner will receive one 2011 full weekend attendee badge. If the second place winner of the contest has already purchased an attendee badge, a reimbursement will be available. If the second place winner is in the artist alley, an artist badge can be substituted upon request.
  4. The second place winning submission will be featured in the program book and the artist will be recognized in the book as well as at opening ceremonies.
  1. All submissions must be sent by email to
  2. All submissions must be sent in either .jpg, .png, or .tif formats
  3. All submissions must include 1, 2 or all 3 of Geek.Kons mascots as the focus of the piece, images and background information for them are included below the rules section
  4. All submissions must be pg-13 appropriate
  5. Plagarism is not allowed (including tracing)
  6. Participants may submit as many pieces as they wish to the contest
  7. All submissions must be made by the participant submitting them
  8. All submissions must include the participants name and a way to contact them if they win
  9. All submissions must be received no later than June 15th
  10. Although we encourage use of our 2011 theme “unstuck in time”, submissions are not limited to it and will not be judged differently if they do or do not use it
  11. Geek.Kon reserves the right to add additional prizes/awards for other exemplary submissions if it is felt to be warranted
  12. Geek.Kon reserves the right to use any submitted works in Geek.Kon related materials such as the Geek.Kon website, program books, and promotional materials as long as the contributing artist is credited
Geekbot & Siggy Rodgort
Geekbot and Siggy Rodgort
Created in the year 2300 by mad scientists working for the nefarious Dr. Devious, a robot (codename: Omega 3) was programmed to consume all media, thereby allowing the mad scientists to talk pop culture at the water cooler with all the other minions. To their dismay, instead of keeping up with hit shows like "Oceania Idol" and "Shores of Madness Shore," their robot instead watched nothing but sci-fi movies and reading comics as they were just plain better. After Geekbot pulled the scientists into a D&D campaign (Revised 81st Edition), Dr. Devious, fearing reduced productivity, banished Geekbot through his time portal. Geekbot now calls present-day Madison his home, but still bounces through time, eagerly consuming geek input and occasionally running into Scott Bakula.
Whenever there's trouble, everyday high school student Yuki Oyahara can push a button on her magical armband and undergo a transformation! After a minute of stock footage and swirling backgrounds, Yuki gains incredible cybernetic abilities (along with an arm-mounted flamethrower capable of taking down a Valkyrie). Armed With high-powered laser crystals, armor composed of damage-resistant synthetics and an encyclopedic knowledge of anime, Yuki challenges any villains of geekdom everywhere. She is known as Super Geek Enforcer Yuki to her enemies, SGEY to the top-secret agency bankrolling her missions and just plain Siggy to her friends.
The newest member of the team crash-landed in Madison prior to Geek.Kon.2008. Geek.Kon staff cared for the egg, hiding it from authorities certain that it would bring nothing but chaos and destruction. We figured the odds were closer to 50/50, but protected the egg since we're always up for that sort of thing. Alas, upon its hatching we discovered that it was not a space creature bent on destroying the planet. Darn. Instead, it was a (mostly) harmless orange wyvern thing, with only limited burninating capacity. Since then, Rodgort's happy personality has kept morale high and is proud to be the staff pet. Since Rodgort doesn't have arms, it is registered as a wyvern instead of a dragon and is apparently very sensitive about that.
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