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Tabletop Games
Geek.Kon is proud to bring you some of the best table top gaming in the Midwest. A entire room of board games, RPGs, miniatures, and CCGs will be open during all hours of the convention. If you're interested in making this one of the best gaming rooms around, please sign up here to run a game and share your hobbies with everyone.

If you are interested in running a game, please note that table space is considered first come, first served. Please be sure to fill in your preferred game times so we can schedule you as best as possible. Schedules should be released a few weeks after the close of Tabletop Registration and if we have any scheduling conflicts, we will try and work them out with you as soon as possible.

Please remember that scheduling is set for 2-hour blocks and you may sign up a game or demo for up to three of these blocks per game/demo. To run a game or demo, you must be 16+ years of age.

Geek.kon does reserve the right to refuse to schedule any game or demo that may be considered offensive.
Tabletop Game List
Click here for a list of games currently scheduled to run at the con
Tabletop Room Hours:
Open: Friday 10:00 am; Closing: Sunday 4:00 pm.
We are looking to make our room open for the entire convention. Please note that some parts of the room may be closed off once a specific event is over.
Tabletop Registration Closing Date (REVISED):
Tabletop Registration has closed!
Any games scheduled before the previous due date of July 10th are considered locked in for their requested times. Any requested times from this point on should not be considered a guarenteed timeslot. We will contact you if there is a scheduling conflict with your request.
Benefits of running games @ Geek.kon:
If you run games, demos, RPGs, etc for 10+ hours over the weekend, you badge will be comp'd. Hours running games in Tabletop will count as volunteer hours if you are volunteering elsewhere at the con.
Rules of Conduct for the Tabletop Room
  1. Please be courteous of other tables. Keep the noise to a respectable level.
  2. Help keep the room clean. If it came in with you, it goes out with you or in the trash.
  3. Be respectful of those running games and demos. They're running these games for you.
  4. If you borrow a game to play, treat it better than if it was your own. These games are on loan to us and we'd like to return them to their owners as we got them.
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