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Geek Kon is proud to bring back Otaku and Geek Theater again for a forth year! Enjoy our anime and sci-f viewings!
Special Thanks
Geek Cinema, part of the Viewings section of Geek.Kon 2011, is pleased to announce they have acquired the rights to show the movie Tron: Legacy at this years convention.

Tron: Legacy is the direct sequel to the 1982 cult classic Tron and is the story of Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn (the main character from Tron), and his journey into the cyber realm to locate his father. With cutting edge special effects and music by popular french electronica band Daft Punk, Tron: Legacy instantly became a Geek Sensation in Winter 2010.

Tron: Legacy is currently scheduled to be shown Saturday night in Geek Cinema. with the original 1982 Tron being shown Friday night.

Back to the Future is also scheduled to be shown Saturday Afternoon in Geek Cinema.
Otaku Theater, part of the Viewings section of Geek.Kon 2011, is pleased to announce they have acquired the rights to show the movie Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance at this years convention.

Evangelion 2.22:You Can (Not) Advance is the second movie of a planned four in the rebuild of Hideaki Anno's groundbreaking 1995 series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It follows the story of Shinji Ikari, mekk young boy who is recruited by a secret government organization charged with saving the word...or is it? Evangelion's deconstruction of the Giant Robot style of anime had never been done before, and set the tone for most GIant Robot series for a decade afterwards.

Evangelion 2.22:You Can (Not) Advance is currently scheduled to be shown Saturday Afternoon in Otaku Theater. with the first movie, Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, being shown on Friday..
Viewings Special Events
Eclectic Viewing
Where as anime viewing room is anything anime, and Sci-Fi is the best we can find in Sci-Fi movies, Eclectic viewings is for anything not covered. From Saturday morning cartoons, to Giant Monster live action TV Shows, and the best the internet can provide. You'll find all this, special viewing events, and more right here in the Eclectic Viewings room.
Fandub Insanity
Fandub Insanity Fandub Insanity Returns for a third year as Emcee Ran-san will show you the best, the worst and his favorites from the world of Anime Fandubs. Expect titles from long time favorites Studio Sokkodei and Studio Verssenworks. Also, possible some new names will be shown this year. Join us in Eclectic Theater Friday Night at Midnight and bring your funny bone!
Iron Butt Challenge
Return once again for Iron Butt III. This year we are crossing over with Matt's online show. Malice the skull masked villian has taken over the show, and this time he tries to break down Mad Matt and company. And you can join in on the experiment and watch the newest batch of the 3 worst movies we could find to put up on the screen this year!
It Came from the Internet!
It came from the Internet is a game of chance. The host (Mad Matt) has a collection of videos from the internet, and he allows you the viewer to pick a number which will select a video. Anything is possible to be found here, anything from an episode of DBZ Abridged, to Doctor Tran, or even getting RickRoll'D. So be careful what number you pick! Anything is possible!
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