Hall Costuming
Got an awesome costume? Geek.Kon offers hallway costuming awards! Anime, Sci Fi, Historical, original designs...we want to see them all! How do you participate in the hall costume contest? All you have to do is wear your costume at the convention! All weekend, we will have secret, roving hall costume judges who will hand out awards for costumes that they find to be above and beyond the normal hallway costume fare. At Geek.Kon, it doesn't need to be on stage to be the best and get recognized for it! As always, all rules on decency and behavior apply; no clothing is not a costume.
Rules for Costuming at Geek-Kon
  • No costume will be allowed that exposes the wearer in an inappropriate fashion. Madison rules and laws governing indecent exposure will be followed and any violators will be ejected from the convention and subject to arrest, penalties, and fines as per city, state, and federal law. No clothing is NOT a costume.
  • All other weapon props must be checked by convention security and tagged as checked before they may be carried for the rest of the convention.
  • No mock fighting or sparring on the convention premises.
  • No real bladed weapons may be carried on the convention premises.
  • No working projectile weapons. This includes Airsoft and Nerf guns. All bows must be unstrung.
  • No props larger than 5 feet long may be carried in the halls. Your prop can temporarily expand to larger than five feet for photography purposes, but must collapse down to five feet or less.
  • Convention staff and security reserve the right to peace-bind or make safe any spikes or sharp edges they deem dangerous.
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