Rock Show
Musical guests have been a beloved part of Geek.Kon since our first year. New this year and expanding our focus on musical programming we are excited to bring you a high energy Friday night Rock Show featuring I Fight Dragons! Opening for I Fight Dragons are another group new to Geek.Kon, Regdar and the Fighters, as well as Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies returning for their second year. Expect this lineup of geeky bands to keep you dancing all evening long.
If you like what you hear from I Fight Dragons, or were already a fan, bear in mind that their Friday show is only a teaser performance with limited vocals. Their main show will be Sunday to close the con at 3pm. Check their Concert Page for more info and plan accordingly! Also be sure to check out their panels throughout the con.
Regdar and the Fighters
Regdar and the Fighters
Regdar and the Fighters plays catchy, up-tempo nerd punk. Their songs are fast, fun forays into fantastic frontiers; touching on titillating topics like time travel, pirates, and the economics of Dungeons and Dragons. They may seem weird, but their #1 rule ("keep it catchy and energetic") ensures that they put on a memorable show that will entertain all attendees.
Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies
Dr. Cancer & the SKAmbies
The time to fight mediocrity is now! For too long have the big music industries clogged the airwaves with their meaningless dribble. What they pass off as music is truly just another commodity in the eyes of the corporate giant.

The time to take music back is now! Turn the radio off and take part in the amazing opportunity being presented. Gather together with friends and give in to the amazing experience that has been masterfully crafted and finely tuned.

The time for Infection is now! Become infected with real music which Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! have prepared as an answer to the bland selection the top music charts offer. Become infect and join the ranks of the SKAmbies! You too can make music better, for Wisconsin and the world.

Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! Dr. Cancer is a 6 piece Ska/Punk band from Stevens Point, WI. They have been a band for 2 1/2 years and have previously played at Geek Kon, No Brand Con, Daisho con as well as various venues around the state. They play a selection of covers to draw you in to get you dancing, and then infect you with mind altering originals no mere mortal can resist. So come in your zombie makeup and join the fun.

Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! Check us out on Facebook (Become a fan, we hug people that do)
I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons are precisely the sonic "power up" that pop culture needs

On their debut EP, Cool Is Just a Number and their follow up EP Welcome to the Breakdown (Photo Finish/Atlantic Records), the Chicago rockers wrap warm harmonies in sounds generated directly from vintage Nintendo soundcards. The EPs showcase the five-piece's digitized, daring approach to music, mixing chiptune and pop rock. Equally nodding to Weezer and Final Fantasy, I Fight Dragons approach alt-rock with just the right controller.

Again, the band's performance during the Rock Show is only a teaser with limited vocals. Check out their concert page here for their full bio.
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